DragonHarp were born in Summer 2011 on initiative of harpist Rox Monico. The name is a reference to one of our favorite movies, Dragonheart, and to the instrument characterizing our power metal way: the electric harp. After several comings and goings (even a demo release in June 2013), in 2014 we got the definitive line-up. Ready to go, ready to fly (metaphorically)! In February 7, 2014, we shared the stage with Trick Or Treat (led by vocalist Alessandro Conti) in Mariano Comense (CO); we considered ourselves to be honored by being opener to such talented artists. Unfortunately, not every DragonHarp member thought the band’s destiny should have been the same: in summer 2015, Carmine Iannuzzi and Burç Çelikoğlu (singer and rhythm guitarist) left the band. After few months waiting and searching, Nicole Maselli joined us, in order to create something different from what we’d been before. And the story ain’t over…


Born in 1992, she started studying with her first vocal coach at the age of 15. She begun to perform live in a chorus with an Epica tribute band and then as guest star with Fading Illusion (Avantasia tribute band). Later she carried on her studies and took part in other projects (rock from 80s or 90s, power metal or commercial music); after high school, she started taking lessons with Sandro Casali (Sixty Miles Ahead). In 2014 she joined DragonHarp and in 2015 started performing in wedding and gigs with different musical genres. Nowadays, she goes on following lessons, placing side by side practice, theory and piano studies.


Born in 1989, he studied classical guitar with teacher Vanna Riboni since he was 11. He started playing electric guitar when he was 16. After a short experience with band Hellstorm (2007), he’s been lead guitarist for Havok Rebirth, whom he recorded EP “Five Steps to Hell” (2010) with. In 2011, he joined DragonHarp (original project by Rossana Monico) as lead guitar, activity still he accomplishes. He’s passionate in classical music (especially opera), videogames and movies (“Lord Of The Rings” and “Star Wars”: real masterpieces).


Born in 1987, she started studying celtic harp since she was 12, with Elena Cosentino. After, she partecipated in several master-classes of traditional Irish music for harp with several teachers (Myrdhin, Grainne Hambly, Tristan LeGovic, Enrico Euron, Yochen Fogel, Park Stickney and more). In 2011 she finished studying at the Conservatorio G.Verdi in Milano and she graduated in bassoon with teacher Leonardo Dosso. She founded Green Circle Association of traditional music of Irish harp, which she published “Strings”, “From Conception” and “Taisteal” for. Project "DragonHarp" was born for the dream to merge the sound of power metal with harp (something really unusual for that kind of music).



Born in 1986, he studied electric bass with teacher Alex Orciari at the CSM in Desio (Milano). He had experience live with many metal band project: Stratovarius tribute with “Winter Soulstice”, Epica tribute with “Guardians of Fate”, and Inner Gears (heavy and power metal). In 2011 He joined DragonHarp. He's passionate in theatre, movies, football, Star Wars universe, german culture and beer.


Born in 1992, he started playing guitar when he was 11, in mid-school. He studied trumpet in Conservatorio Verdi (Milan) and graduated with really high ranking. While in high school, he played drums with several teachers (first of all, Sergio Pescara) and got himself “seasoned on stage” as session man (live experience with jazz bands, classical orchestras and others). DragonHarp drummer since 2013, he's a professional music teacher and session man. In 2016, he mixed and mastered Dragon Harp EP "Let the Dragon Fly" and realized every video promotion feature.